Herstory: 25,000 March in Orange County

OC Women's March

Orange County was one of the few Women's Marches in the country to see an increase in participants.

The second annual Women’s March on January 20, 2018 was my first attendance of any larger scale organized rally. I had missed the one in 2017. I didn’t feel like I knew enough about what was going on and opted to stay home.

The election of Trump felt like a sucker punch. Americans would surely turn away from his ignorant and hateful rhetoric! I was horrified to be wrong. As a contrast, news reports about the success of the 2017 Women’s March was the ray of hope that I needed.

Disappointed in myself for missing out on something so historic, I was glad to see a second chance this year. I checked out ocwomensmarch.org for information, grabbed my thermal cup of coffee, and headed to Santa Ana.

Marching with everyone raised my spirits. Many people had clever signs that they had brought with them. People offered me Women’s March stickers that I affixed to my shirt. I enthusiastically joined in with the chants. I misspoke a few chants (loudly), but the chant leaders just smiled and helped me get back on track. Since I was not able to put my thoughts to a sign for the march, I tried to make up for it in vocal support.

After the marching was over, many local leaders spoke to the remaining crowds. They spoke on topics relating to fighting for Black Lives, Immigrants’ Rights, Workers’ Rights, DACA, and other issues within Orange County. These leaders were very inspiring in talking about their persistence in trying to raise awareness and fight for these issues.

To the students who performed a beautiful dance to Mary Lambert’s “I Know Girls,” I am going to remember you every time I hear that song. Well done.

To everyone at the Women’s March: thank you for inspiring me a second year in a row.

To those who were not able to attend the OC Women’s March this year: I hope to see you next year.

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