New to Anti-Racist Activism and Don't Know Where to Start?

October 1, 2017

Racist fears and hatreds are a poison, intoxicating a person into guilt and shame. In turn, barriers form and divide people. Especially for white people, it can be difficult for us to step outside of our belief system because of the lack of discussions happening in our communities about white privilege and racism.


If we are ever to embrace a loving culture in our communities, we need to build up anti-racist discussions. To find a place to begin on how to have those discussions, you can start by reading a good book.


For September’s book club discussion, we read Towards the ‘Other America' by Chris Crass, a social justice activist. The book provides a platform for white anti-racist leaders and activists to share their experiences working toward collective liberation from racism.


I found the book to be a page-turner, for it provided information about the importance of helping people find their voice and take action, of working through the fear and uncertainty that comes with being an organizer, and of speaking out for all of our communities who are robbed of our humanity because of racism. The book went on to include why it is important to call in white people and how each of us has the power to create positive change.


If you are new to this field and are looking to learn first-hand what it is like speaking out against racism, then read this book. You will receive insight into the lives of experienced activists. For those who have been doing racial justice work for a long-time, you will find camaraderie. Either way, you will find encouragement in the stories.


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